Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little "Sparks" for me

Nicholas Sparks is a magician of words , a weaver of feelings and as I know from his novels a person who understands human feelings with great depth. His novels are rich in elements of love , sorrow , friendship and more than anything human bond.

The sad endings of ' A Walk to Remember' , 'Dear John' and 'The Nights in Rodanthe' actually make you cry harder than you ever did, and when the end comes out happy in 'The Rescue' and the 'True Believer' you feel that the whole world can be perfect. It seems his novel starts a motion picture in our mind and you are drawn by the strong longing to continue reading till the end. It is almost like you are on a roller coaster of feelings.

The novels, mostly set in an American small town setting and as in most novels in North Carolina ,give you a very different view to the life there than most people might have and make it seem like the most desirable place. All you want to do afer reading the book is just slip out of the world and head straight there.

His books are read by millions all over the world because, I speculate, all of us really want to hear a human story, which help us rise from our sorrows and look ahead. Even the saddest stories have subtle hope, like the creases of sadness lie on a beautiful sheet of hope.

I've not read all his novels but the one's I've read make me want to pick up every other book he ever wrote, not because I'm a fanatic but because the feelings that every page of his every book hides within its words are true feelings, which seem to go straight to the heart, and this is quite hard to find.

I've learnt fro his books some of the greatest lessons in life,and feel that his stories are like medicine for the soul and as all of us are ill sometime , every book shelf should have at least one of his novels for the moments of sickness.

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